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genetic potential

Do you find yourself wondering why you can´t seem to shift that weight, but others can? You might eat and train with your friends, and yet you are left without the great results they have had… And why is it that you are the only one getting debilitating hangovers after a night out? Not to mention how anxious you get after a cup of coffee, whilst everyone in the office can drink buckets of it! Perhaps your health is starting to look like someone else in your family, and you would like to do something about it?

That´s your genes talking.

Of course this doesn´t mean that you are doomed just because of your genes! Our genes don´t dictate our health, they only show us our risk factors. By knowing your genetic blueprint you have the power to act in an informed and preventative manner. A DNA test is an invaluable way to find out how your body responds to and metabolises certain nutrients and how you can support it with nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

Knowledge is power!




A nutrigenomics test examines your DNA to identify genetic variants that might impact your health, but also how these can be supported by personalised nutrition and other lifestyle factors.

A nutrigenomics test can be done at any age, from one day old to a hundred years young. The earlier you test, the sooner you can tailor your diet and lifestyle to work with and support your genetics. Your genetic code never changes, so you won´t ever need to do the same test again.

I work with
Lifecode Gx – the UK´s leading provider of clinically relevant genetic testing services, applying the latest nutrigenomics research to enable a lifelong and personalised approach to health.

​1. You purchase a DNA Package from Kenergetics.
2. You fill in a short questionnaire.
3. Your test kit is sent to your house (worldwide shipping).
4. You complete your non-invasive oral swab sample and mail it back to Lifecode Gx for analysis.
5. Your results are ready after 2-3 weeks.
6. Kenergetics gets in touch with you to book your support call.
7. During the call we will go through your results and discuss how to best support your genes with nutrition and lifestyle. You are encouraged to take notes.
8. Kenergetics sends you the full report of your DNA results.


dna packages

A starting point to looking at your genes related to weight loss and metabolic health. Discover your genetic framework for metabolism and how to support it with nutrition and lifestyle interventions.


The ultimate solution to weight loss, metabolic health and nutritional needs. Discover your genetic nutrient requirements, thyroid function and metabolism, and how to optimise those with food and lifestyle interventions. 

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Optimise your vegan diet by understanding how you absorb and utilise nutrients that can be trickier to obtain with plantbased food. By knowing your genetic response to these nutrients, you can make informed choices to support a healthy ethical vegan lifestyle.

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Dancers are athletes, and your body is your instrument. Learn more about your genetic requirements for proper nutrition and recovery to fuel a long lasting career on stage. Injury prevention and fierce performance starts with understanding your instrument. 

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Understand the nutrition your require genetically to support all areas of your health!

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